How does family fit in?

I don’t think any woman plans on having a relationship with a married man. I also don’t think that any woman plans on a one night stand with a married man. I know being with a married man wasn’t on MY list of “Things to Do” (no pun intended).

In the beginning, I didn’t know that the guy I was interested in was married. He didn’t exactly lie, but he omitted that bit of information. Lies of omission…just as bad as an actual lie and 8 years later, I’m still reminding him of that. Yes, it takes me a while to let go of things.

OK, so here we are, 8 years later. I’ve known for 7 years that he’s married, yet I’m still with him. Why? Because we love each other and our relationship, for the most part, works. There are ups and downs, but isn’t that true with any relationship?

Little by little, over the years, I’ve heard stories about his wife. For the most part, she’s not a very nice person. I don’t say this because it’s what he tells me. I say this because I hear it from others who know her, mostly, his family. Apparently, from the beginning of his relationship with his wife, she alienated him from his family. He has a 10 year old daughter that most of his family hasn’t seen in years because his wife refuses to go visit them. She also refuses to let him bring his daughter to visit. Personally, I don’t think this is very fair to his daughter because she has cousins she’s never met. There isn’t one person in his family that will say anything nice about this woman. From what I understand, she also didn’t like his mother and made it very difficult for him whenever he went to visit her while she was dying.

There have been some changes in the past couple of years. First of all, he actually visits members of his family. Sometimes he goes alone, but most times, he brings me. When they invite him, they ask him to bring me. When they see me, they give me big hugs and kisses and treat me like part of the family. The other day, we were at his aunt’s house and one of his cousins asked why he was still living with his wife when it’s obvious he’s not happy with her. His answer was that he needs to be there for his daughter. During this visit, his aunt brought out her antique dominoes set and we played for 2 hours. His visits have become the talk of the family. They hadn’t seen him in so long except in passing, that they’re thrilled that he’s coming around again. They miss him and blame his wife for his absence. It’s really nice seeing my guy reconnect with his family. He’s happier, they’re happier and all is good.

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