How Not to Get Caught

I would never  advise someone to go out and purposely find a married man to start a relationship with.  That being said, this is real life and sometimes, things happen.

When you’re with a married man, there is always a chance that you’re going to get caught, and getting caught brings on unnecessary hurt to the spouse.  This hurt extends to any children that the couple may have.  No matter what the situation is at home, no woman wants her husband’s affair made public.  Maybe friends and family aren’t aware that there’s trouble in the marriage.  If her husband gets caught in an affair, it may force an action that the wife isn’t ready, or willing, to make.

I’m in the process of writing a book on how not to get caught.  Before I finalize it,  I was wondering if any of you out there have specific scenarios you would like to see covered in it.  If you have any ideas, just send over a comment!


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35 thoughts on “How Not to Get Caught

  1. Thanks so much for your blog! I’ve read all your entries and have found so many things I can identify with, and it has honestly been a source of strength to me in my confusion, loneliness and emotional madness. Whilst I totally agree that being caught brings unnecessary hurt to the spouse and kids, I don’t think that it should be up to us to avoid getting caught. Furthermore, I sometimes think that being caught can actually force a desirable action by the MM, perhaps something that he hasn’t had the guts or reason to execute. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t mean that we should purposefully get caught, just that getting caught could sometimes do more good than harm.

  2. Hello-I’d love to see the reality of when you “are ” caught addressed which I know will be a whole other chapter for your book. That’s just where I am in all this.I’d be curious to know the percentages of men/women that want to get caught. Everything I read is soo negative. It would be nice to read about the survivor stories and how to get through such an emotional trying situation. As far as not getting caught it’d be great to see creative ways to travel together.

    • Travel? gigglesnort

      My MM and I have discussed this, but what’s the point? We’d never get out of the room to be tourists. j/k

      I’d love to be able to travel with my MM as well, but that would generally be difficult because of my work. Though I too, would love to hear how to make this easier… Money is not an issue as we already have a “secret account” where money goes back and forth for all the other extraneous costs…

  3. Happy Anniversary to me! ::smiles::

    And we are getting stronger every time we are together. Only missed one day of talking in going on two months… wow. Received a beautiful bracelet and can’t stop smiling… life is soooo good!

  4. alsoTOW: you think avoiding getting caught is not your responsibility? The most important thing to having an affair for a man (at least me) is feeling safe. If you are not wanting to protect him, then you should not sign up for this, and he is a fool for seeing you. You are not safe for him. You know what you are getting into, you are a grown woman, you should back out. But being careless about hurting people and tearing up lives means you really are not very caring. Especially if children are involved. I am having an affair with someone, and we are so careful to not hurt anyone, and to keep each other emotionally safe. Once someone starts being careless and not “caring” about emotional safety, then it should end. You should get out now, because you do not care about hurting people, so break it off immediately.

    • John Smith: It’s ridiculous that you’ve made such comments when you don’t even know me or the situation I’m in, and even call him names! Who would feel safe with someone like YOU?!

  5. So. Mine told her. They were fighting for the 100th time and she asked and he told her. Causing that chain of events most of the men on here are plagued with, she picked up the kids and left. He was tired of living a lie. He felt being honest was the best bet, and now here we are. This is something that I need support on is that I will forever be the other women. There is no getting away from it, we are soul mates and I am
    Not going anywhere so the other women stays with you. Now what. She wants to move across the country, she still has access to all the money because she is a stay at home
    Mom and he will still be responsible for the car payment and the mortgage. This is a hard road we started down. We all want them to leave and I am the happiest women on the planet because the love of my life is with me every day and it’s heaven when we are together but being away from his kids is tourture and because she knows there is a me she is not being the easiest person to deal with. I know it’s all going to work out in the end but this is just as hard if not harder than what came before because he is happy. Yet his heart breaks everyday.

    • I hope everything works out for you and your man. Is there a divorce started? I hope he has a good attorney who has told him that unless she has a VERY good reason for moving across the country, she can’t do that and expect him to support her. Just sayin’…..

      I also hope that he sees his kids on a regular basis. They need to know that he’s there and that even though he’s not longer living in the house, he still loves them, which is never going to change.

      Of course, she’s bitter, but maybe in time, the three of you will be able to sit down and talk about what’s best for the kids.

      Good luck to you!

  6. I cannot believe this is a site. I am a 16 year old (don’t you DARE tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about!) My dad cheated on my mum for 2 years and is still with the woman, and honestly I hate them for it. There is nothing that will f*ck a family up faster. The fact that you’re encouraging it and telling them how to avoid telling them is total bullshit. I don’t know how you could live with it, breaking up a family like that. It’s horrible. It’s dirty. And It’s ridiculous.

    • Emily….

      I’m sure that since you’re 16, your parents haven’t told you the specifics of why your dad cheated. If you’ve read all of my posts, you will see that there are many reasons why men cheat, rather than opt for a separation or divorce. Just remember, it takes two to screw up a marriage. If your dad was truly happy, he would not have cheated. You say he’s still with the other woman, but is he also still living with you and your mom?

      People make mistakes. They marry for the wrong reasons, or, sometimes, life gets in the way. People grow apart and that has nothing to do with cheating. Sometimes, the growing apart leads to the cheating. Either way, your dad obviously wasn’t happy.

      You seem like a mature young lady. Instead of hating your dad, why don’t you sit down and have a heart to heart talk with him. Ask him why he did this. Don’t judge him or his woman on things you don’t know about or understand. Stop wasting your time hating. Listen with an open mind to what your dad has to say.

      • Actually, many people cheat because something is wrong inside them–depression, addiction, inability to handle stress, crappy childhood, low self-worth, need for ego boosting. The betrayed spouse could be happy, healthy, and totally willing to work on the marriage, but cheaters still cheat because they are broken people.

        I agree that Emily should eventually be able to let go of her anger toward her dad, but anger is a natural reaction. The infidelity is her dad’s fault, and most likely means that something is wrong with him. He needs professional help, and I hope wives and children in this situation get counseling, too.

        Remember that cheaters don’t just cheat–they lie, betray, deceive and keep secrets from the people they are supposed to love and protect.

  7. Wow. You truely are a bunch of pathetic women and to the moron who’s advice to mistresses was that “being careless about hurting people and tearing up lives means you really are not very caring”, referring to protecting the LIE they are living is the most pathetic of you all. How can you possibly think it is ok, under ANY circumstances to interfere in a family knowing full well the consequences, hurt, and destruction that comes with it? To the blogger, are you just trying to get every rational, ethical and decent woman in America to hate you by writing your little book? You are a joke. Your “relationship” is a joke. You are certainly not a woman of morals or ethics, it is glaringly obvious by the title of this post. Why would you want to encourage others by giving them hints and tips on how to be a sneaky homewreaker? It’s a hood thing that what goes around comes around and no matter how horrible of a wife your “man’s” wife is, she is still the WIFE, while you are and will always be the two bit piece on the side.

    • You are very “original”. Let’s see…”two bit piece of ass”, “pathetic”, “relationship is a joke”, “no morals or ethics”….yep…all been said before.

      The thing here is that you don’t know me. You don’t know my morals and ethics. Honestly, you have the right to your opinion, but it doesn’t matter to me because YOU don’t matter to me. Everyone who really, really knows me knows what is important to me and how moral and ethical I am.

      I’m sorry if your husband is cheating on you, but there is a reason for it if he is. That is not my fault. Communicate with your husband.

      As for my book…I really don’t care who “hates” me. You obviously haven’t read all my posts. You probably wouldn’t understand even if you did because you appear to have your head too far up your butt to see any “truth” other than what is in your head. You’re one of those “Black or White” people, but there really ARE shades of grey (and, no…I don’t mean the ridiculous books).

      Please stop being so judgmental. You never know what life may hold for YOU.

  8. First of all, there are no “shades of grey” in a marriage, once you make a commitment to be faithful, honor and cherish, then if you are one with morals, you do it. If you are one without morals, then you are someone like yourself. Secondly, my husband is not cheating on me and I am more than capable of keeping him happy, no need for a two bit ho to offer her services. Thirdly, your idea for a book will make you some money, as you seem to have a lot of followers who would love to learn from a professional. I just hope one day you will step outside of this bubble you are living in to see what is really going on, not only in your own relationship, but with all those you are “helping” by offering your advice on how to be a mistress. Too bad for you your blog can never be about how to make a marriage stronger or anything that is actually helpful to mankind. Sadly, this is the only way of life you know and you can try to convince the whole world about how happy you are and all that but the reality of it is still that you are a mistress and should expect all that come with that role.

    • Well, Hannah…..

      There are shades of grey (a term I used before I even knew about those godawful books) in everything in life. Nothing is black and white. Sometimes, people fall in love, get married and then grow apart. For various reasons, divorce isn’t an option. There are times when people think they’re in love, when actually, they are in love with the IDEA of being in love. They get married and down the road realize that it was a mistake. People make mistakes. They do what they need to do for their particular situation. When kids are involved, sometimes, the husband feels there’s no choice but to stay.

      You say your husband never cheated, yet you are searching for sites on the “other woman”. Why is that? Do you just want to show your superiority to us “hos” who find ourselves in this difficult situation? Do you want to show all of us how “moral” you are?

      In reading your latest comment, you say that it’s too bad my blog can’t be about how to make a marriage stronger. Well, Hannah, have you actually READ my whole blog. I do have posts about how a wife can make her marriage stronger and how to show her husband that he’s important and loved. You must have missed those. You see, I never, ever encourage anyone to become the other woman. It’s not something I take lightly and it’s not something most of my readers take lightly either.

      In closing, I’d like to say that this is not the only way of life that I know. I didn’t set out to “seduce” a married man. If you read my whole blog, you would see that I couldn’t seduce anyone out of a paper bag! Another thing that I have written is that if my relationship were to end, I would never be involved with another married man. I don’t have to “convince” anyone that we are happy with each other because, contrary to what you seem to believe (without knowing us), we really ARE happy.

      Again, if you read my whole blog, you would see that I have no delusions of where this is going. If he decides at one point to leave his wife, that will be HIS decision. That is when we will need to have a long talk about living arrangements. I’ve been living alone for a lot of years and I’m used to my own space. He would have to respect that.

      So…let’s hope that you continue to keep your husband happy. Stop looking for sites about “other women” and start looking for sites on “sexy lingerie”.

  9. is there any single nice, clean,healthy, fit,sexy, financially independent lady with no kids who live in Melbourne cbd or close to it.

    • I thought about “spamming” this. Silly me…thought you’d all like a laugh.

      Seriously, dude???? I think not.

  10. I am a 21 year old Girl from South Africa and I’ve been seeing my man whose been in a committed relationship for 8 years with his baby mama, we’ve been together for 2 months and he says he loves me, he calls me everyday and I see him almost all the time, I didn’t want anything serious,but he felt differently about that-im fallng for this man and I’m really scared of the outcome though he promised he’d never hurt me

    • Hi, Gee…

      He may have promised that he’d never hurt you, but sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control, promises like that can’t be kept.

      When we are in love with married men, we (and they) can never predict how their spouses/significant others will react if they find out about the affair. If kids are involved, as wrong as this is, they are sometimes used as “leverage”. “Stop seeing her or you’ll never see your child again” isn’t an uncommon reaction. Let’s face it…if a man is told his child will be taken away from him unless he gives up his OW, he will choose the child. Or…he SHOULD choose the child! If he doesn’t, I’d worry about his character. I know what some people would say: He’s cheating! What character???…but, believe me…cheating is one thing, abandoning a child is something else entirely. For instance, my man is with me because his marriage is a sham. They go through the motions of living in the same house because of his daughter, but there is no marriage. If, in the beginning, he said, “Screw my daughter…I’m going to be with you”, I would wonder how easy it would be for him to say the same about me.

      Your relationship is new and you’re very young. Just don’t make him the center of your universe. Continue to go out with friends and have a good time. What you need to do to protect yourself is to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. I’m still doing that because even after 10 years, anything can happen. I have a life without him. Would I prefer to have him in my life? Of course! But I know that I will have a very full and happy life if he would be forced to leave me. Sure, I’ll miss him, but eventually, I’ll move on.

      Things can work out for you. Don’t be scared, but you do need to prepare for the worst. That’s not being negative…it’s to preserve your sanity in the event that life takes a nasty turn for him. I wish you both luck!

  11. Hello…I’ve been there…both sides. My relationship with my ex-husband lasted almost as long as the one with the married ex-lover..over 10 years each! Honestyly, I don’g regret either one, love them both…my husband cheated on me, hence we got divorced and I ended up with being the OW for a married man…why I stayed so long in 2nd relationship, was due to the fact this man seemed attracted to me when I was at my lowest – my divorce left me a terrible self-esteem and gain 50 lbs! When he and I got involved, he made me feel wanted and sexy – validate me as a woman… The problem in time was that I got emotionally attach to an unavailable man. My best advice to any of you who enter into an illicit relationship is:
    1) Listen to your man – he always tells you the truth from the beginning if you just lear to listen: “I’ll never leave my wife” or “don’t expect anything from me”. Trust me – HE’S telling you the TRUTH!
    2) If you don’t want to hurt him or his family, DON’T! Be discreet, respect the time he has with his family, and don’t become available all the time – have your own life, because eventually he will leave you…but I hope you leave him first when you meet a wonderful and available man.
    3) Some of us find a happy ending, some of us still haven’t found it.
    Not all OW are bad…our actions will dictate our life and the outcome is up to us…be discreet, be honest to yourself and if you cannot handle this type of relationship get out…fast!

    • Maroon…

      I have said over and over again, that if you are in a MM/OW relationship, you CAN’T lose touch with yourself or your friends. I’ve learned this the hard way. In the beginning, I found myself waiting for him and missed out on a lot. Thankfully, I came to my senses quickly and resumed my life. I became less available, not to try to “entice” him to me, but to get control of me. I knew this wasn’t an easy path and that eventually, I would need a support system.

      Your first point is another thing I believe in. After our initial talk about his situation, he told me that he won’t leave until his daughter is 18. I called him out on that. There is no “leaving at 18″ if she decides to go to college. Then what about graduate school? Then he’ll say he can’t leave because she’s getting married, then having a baby….the list goes on. In other words, I’m not holding my breath for his divorce.

      None of us really chooses this life, but, things happen. It’s not for everyone, but anyone in this situation needs to know that anything can happen. Even after 10 years, I know I’m not “safe”, even though he keeps telling me I am. That’s something I won’t allow myself to believe because no one can predict the future.

  12. I had been talking to this man I met on a online dating site for a few weeks, I was a little suspicious of it from the start and I just had a gut feeling he was married. But we got along great and everything was wonderful, we talked and texted for about a month about everyday, except weekends, before actually meeting up. When we actually met up he stayed with me every night for a week and told me he loved spending time with me and wanted to be with me. I was a little hesitant so we decided to give it more time. He travels a lot for work and he has been out of town visiting his mother for the past week. He rarely texts and I think it is because he is at home with his wife and daughter. I found out through facebook that he is married and has a 2yr old daughter. They got married after the baby was born so it was one of those kind of marriages. He told me he has not been married. And has no children…….
    I know I should get out of this situation, but its hard when I’ve already began developing feelings for him. I really don’t know what I should do. He sees me when he works because he works in a different state then where his family lives. When we spend time together its not always about sex either, sometimes its just cuddling and talking on the couch, and we both like to sleep next to each other. He also said he could help me get a job at the place he works which would be amazing….
    Should I confront him about his family? Or wait until he tells me about it? Also should I wait and try and get the job he wants me to have?

    • I just had to comment.. since.. I ‘am in one of THOSE kind of marriages” This isn’t the 60s. While a child out of wed lock is still not considered the norm its doest have anywhere neart the same social stigma it may have had. I didn’t feel having a child was an automatic route to marriage. My wife got pregnant early in our relationship, but we didnt get married till years later. sure.. the timing of the pregnancy wasnt ideal, but I married my wife out of love. When someone gets married.. odds are it s for the right reasons….. though feelings do change.

      On to your present predicament…
      I really would say run. This is a rather huge lie and I can almost guarantee significant heartbreak is in your future. He’s just shown you who he truly is and its not a pretty picture. Two other reasons.. first.. even if he leaves his family.. do you always want to be known as the other woman? Second.. he’s shown himself to be a cheater.. whats to say he wont do this to you?

      Just so you know.. my affair had little to do with sex. sex happened.. but I also just enjoyed the company of my OW. Guys can have needs outside the physical as well. It certainly didnt make me a saint or my relationship with her ideal.

      Also.. I made promises to my OW that I had no intention of ever following through on. In fact.. a couple of those promises had i followed through on would put me into a full on panic attack. Getting you a job where he works? I’d believe it when I see it. Don’t hold your breath.

      • Oh.. forgot to add. Don’t assume you are the only OW. I had one other in the wings.. didnt go far cause I came to my senses.. but im sure my OW would have just LOVED to know that tidbit.

        • I assume nothing. I KNOW. If my guy had another OW on the side, he’s need more hours in the day!!! He’s with me after work, every Saturday (Sundays are his time to work around his house and spend time with his daughter), and during his commutes to and from work, he’s on the phone with me. The poor guy has no time to have a side side-piece!!! LOL!

          • Actually..I didn’t intend to say that it was always the case. Just never assume when you discover the person you are dating is married that you are the only one. Esp in this case. This guy is actively seeking an affair online. But if you want to go there.. there is one person your man has time for. His wife. Yeah.. I know.. you don’t think its likely he doing anything with her, but the opportunity is there and thus the possibility does exist.

      • FormerMM…

        It’s nice to see your comments to 22 yr old. I think I basically told her the same thing….RUN! Pregnancy and having a child are NOT reasons to marry, and what makes things worse for her is that he told her he was never married and had no children. Red flag alert! I think any job where he works would also be a disaster. Thank you for your views on this.

        Two things I don’t agree with: (1) I don’t believe that every married man who cheats will cheat on anyone he’s with. (2) Not everyone will always see the OW as such, even if the man leaves his present situation for her. There are many people who aren’t that judgmental. Yes, it does happen, but not all the time.

        • I agree with point one. My affair was an anomaly. It will not happen again. My wife and I are in a better place, but not a great place. We still may not make it. However, If we don’t it will because of who we are and whether or not we still fit as a couple.. not because I was stupid enough to involve anyone else.. again. There is one point I can’t ignore. My affair has shown that I am at least capable of cheating. One would have to assume.. that I am at higher risk to re-offend.
          And point 2.. was not as much about the judgment of others as it was about how we judge ourselves. Does SHE want to be accept herself as the OW? Was she comfortable with that? You can’t control anyone else’s opinion but its my opinion that matters .. I would never want to be the OM.. just as I never wanted to be a cheater. Regardless of who I meet.. I have power not to be the OM. Cheater is not a label I am particularly happy with having to live with, but through my actions I must.

    • Oh, my!!! You really don’t want to continue with this. I know it’s just my opinion, but this guy is married, has a 2 year old, but was on a dating site? Not only that, but he told you that he was never married and never had a child. No matter what the marriage situation was, he’s still married. He didn’t marry her when he found out she was pregnant…he married her after the child was born. A child isn’t a reason for marriage…it’s a reason for visitation and child support.

      Please don’t buy into his story. Don’t complicate matters by waiting to get a job where he works. It wouldn’t be “amazing”, it would be a disaster! What would happen with this dream job if you and this guy end things? He could make things very difficult for you at work.

      From what I’m seeing here, this is not a fling that will amount to anything. OK…when I first started seeing my MM, I didn’t know he was married…I never asked and he never mentioned a wife or child. But he didn’t lie about it. It was a lie of omission. When I confronted him, he told me everything.

      Should you confront him? Well…next time he calls or texts, you can tell him what you know. Don’t let him come over and use your emotions in order for you to stay with him. You don’t need him in your life. You’re young…move on to someone who can really be with you.

  13. Thank you TOW for enduring the slings and arrows of other’s opinions’, you truly provide some food for thought about a complex situation. I’m an OW and have been for 4 of the last 5 years. Now she knows and he chose his marriage, as he needed to.
    Reading some of the other comments has been very helpful to my heart during this emotional and difficult time, thanks again.

    Oh, and how no to get caught? Don’t text.

    • I’m sorry to hear that your 4 year relationship is over. If he has children, of course he had to choose his marriage. Even after 10 years of being with my man, I know that if his wife decided to confront him and give him an ultimatum, he would probably choose to stay with her and say he would give me up.

      Texting isn’t a problem with my guy and me…he has a separate phone that is just for my calls and texts. ;-)

  14. Actually.. the first time I came to this thread I was going to comment on the thread on how not to get caught.

    There is no question that a compliant OW will help keep an affair underground and can do so for years, but the burden is almost entirely on the MM to not get caught.

    Unless the MM is suffering from some mental issues, he will exhibit some very classic traits that when viewed all together.. will likely have the wifes gut screaming.. Even if she has no concrete proof of an affair.. She will eventually know something Is up

    1. Phone never leaves the side. Password protects everything
    2. closes computer window when wife comes in room
    3. Reduction in intimacy
    4. Will be snippy to downright snarly with her and kids
    5. Goes out and is unaccounted for or unreachable for hours
    6. Changes appearance
    7. More grooming. Manscaping becomes a thing.

    Affairs never happen in a vacuum. Emotional states will shift, and patterns of behavior will change. While I did eventually confess to my wife, she had been on to me for months. She just didn’t have any proof… yet.

    Just because your MM says their wife is completely unaware.. don’t believe it.

  15. I have been reading this website all day and love the honesty everyone is giving. I have found myself in this predicament and who would’ve thought I’d be the OW! My MM approached me the beginning of Oct. and said he was married but was separated and has no children with her but has a 10 yr old son. After a month, I obviously had feelings bc we were going heavy and with each other constantly. Then I found out through a social network, on her page (I was looking at pics of his son and saw her name and wanted to see what she looked like) that him and his wife were celebrating 9 yrs of marriage in Nov. I was of course hurt and confronted him and he said that she did that just as a front for her friends to make it seem like their marriage is happy. He said they haven’t been happy for a year now and always fight and barely talk. When he married her, she had three boys from previous relationships and he had a son with his h.s sweetheart. They have raised these boys together all these years and he admitted they are still living together and “he can’t promise me anything” but did want to continue seeing me. After two weeks of no communicating with him, I decided to give us a chance and be open minded. He’s always texting me, calling me, he always invites me to his job although I feel awkward about going. He comes over 4-5 nights out of the week the majority of the time and I see him almost everyday on my lunch breaks. He’s come to my job, gives me money to help with my household and two girls…. It’s like a real relationship. To be honest, I don’t feel guilty. I grew up seeing my mother mistreat my stepfather. They have been together for 15 years and my dad sleeps in the family room and they never have sex or even talk for that matter. Just going through the motions bc I have a 14 yr old sister and 11 yr old brother (I’m 29 and my MM is 32 and his wife is 40). I have talked to my dad about a divorce bc he deserves better than my mom treats him and he says he’s staying for the children, but he is so heartbroken and lonely, it breaks my heart to see him like that. I’ve seen the venom my mom spits at him, which gave me the open mindedness to see my MM. It’s a lonely road we travel when in this situation, but I love my MM and just want to see him happy. I know it probably won’t last and I hope we don’t get caught bc I don’t want to destroy a home, but I do love him and want whatever outcome we have to be HIS choice.

    • Hi, New!

      All the OW here can be honest because this is where they don’t have to worry about being judged harshly by anyone who matters in their lives. It’s always good to be able to vent and maybe get opinions from those who are or have been in the same situation.

      I can relate to you when it comes to your parents and how they stay together even though they’re not happy. My parents did the same thing…sort of. When I was 14, my mom took me out to lunch and asked, “What would you say if I told you your father and I were getting a divorce? I will move to Florida and your father will stay here. How would you feel about moving to Florida?” I made a mistake that day: I told her that I thought it was about time they got divorced and that I would stay where I was. Being a control freak, my mother decided to put off this divorce, but moved into MY room!!!! Talk about a living hell!!! LOL!

      Well…they didn’t exactly stay together “for the kid”, but “for the 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii”. Mom always said this is what she wanted for their silver anniversary, and, like an idiot, my dad gave it to her!!! Seriously???? She’s not sleeping with you, but you give her a dream trip? Six months after the trip, mom was packing her bags to move. I was 18 at the time and was left to inform my dad that his wife left.

      Shortly after my parents’ divorce, my dad met and married a wonderful woman who made the last 20 years of his life happy. I only wish he could have found that happiness earlier.

      I guess my whole point in all that is to say that staying together for the kids, in my opinion, is wrong, wrong, WRONG! But….I feel it’s not my place to force anyone to do what they feel is wrong for them. It’s not easy being the OW…I’m sure it’s not easy being the wife…but, at least in my case, I know I’m giving a wonderful man a place to go where he’s not bitched at (too much), where he can be pampered every now and then and where he can just relax.

      Guilty? Nah. I do, however, find it strange that no one else he knows feels guilty for accepting me as his partner.

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