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9 thoughts on “Privacy Policy

  1. I don’t know if I qualify to post here because I am not actually having a physical relationship with my married ex-boyfriend. But I am having an emotional affair with him. We’ve reconnected on Facebook after not having any contact for 20 years. We text every day, his wife doesn’t know that we are in contact with each other, he surprised me with a visit to my work office. When we text we talk about everything from the weather, work, his son to very flirty conversations. He has expressed his unhappiness about being in a sexless marriage to a woman who only sees her needs/wants/desires and not his. On Valentine’s Day he texted to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” and then spent the evening texting with me. I am trying very hard to understand his motivations with me because as I said we have not had a physical relationship. Are we just friends?
    I agree with what you said, “A man who is happy in his marriage will not cheat! …No affair is the same. They happen for many reasons. Black and white don’t apply to this topic. Don’t try to make them apply.” I did not start out pursuing him, it was the other way around. Knowing what I know about him and his marriage, he is not happy and just staying for his young son.

    • NS…

      Anyone is welcome to post here. It’s not a requirement that the person is in a relationship with a married man or woman.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • I got involved with my mm about a year and a half ago. I know that there is no future with him. But he is a pilot and is town for 2 weeks every month and I spend that time with him. He is loving and caring. I am in a relationship with a man that I only see on Saturdays for ‘date night’. So I get more out of the time with my mm than I do from the relationship I am in that is out in the open. If my mm were to be free, would I want to be married to him, no, because when I met him, he was cheating and I know he would cheat on me. But for know I am going to hold on tight and enjoy what I have with him.

      • Ah, yes!! Pilots are notorious cheaters!! It’s all that time away from home!

        I won’t ask why you’re with him, but I WILL ask why you’re still with the guy who only sees you on “date night”?!?!?!? Think about it!

  2. I want to first say hello, and let you know that for every 1000 negative comments there is 1 person you are helping. That 1 person this go around is me. I want to explain my situation in hopes that you can help me shed some light on if I’ll ever get my babe back.
    We both met while we were in the service on a deployment. We both were (and are) married to other people BUT when we saw each other it was just sort of love at first sight. Before we ever got intimate we talked about how this would just be “spur of the moment” whatever we needed for each other because we both had families to return home to. The expectation was that we would kind of fade apart after we returned back to the states. That’s not what happened. We saw each other for the remainder of the deployment (6 months) and even when we got back to the states. It’s been two years and all of his friends know about me and vice versa about him. We travel the states to see each other and LITERALLY talk every single day. The love between us is scary. Well recently (2 days ago) his wife found out about us. Not sure how because I didn’t ask. She took his son and left him at their house. She asked him if he loved me and he told her he did. He said he couldn’t lie because it was the truth. We had a conversation last night and he said his world was falling down all around him and he didn’t know what to do. I apologized that he was going through this and told him how much I loved him. We ended the call with us both crying and him saying no matter what make sure I take care of myself.
    My heart still hurts so bad for me and for him. Do you think he just needs time to come to terms with what has happened in his life, or do you think I’ve lost him forever? Do you think it’s possible for him to just shut the love off for me? I need him in my life and I can’t imagine him not being there. Can you tell me what you think? PLEASE. Sorry it’s so long!

    • Hi, AF…

      When confronted, he told his wife that he does love you. Right now, he needs time to get used to not having his child around him full time. It’s going to be tough not being able to tuck him in at night (if he’s very young) or help him with his school work. It may even be more difficult for him to come to terms with this is because by being deployed, he was SO far from home and he knew there was a good reason for him to not be with his son. Now, his son is close, but he still can’t see him. This must be frustrating for him.

      Even though my guy is with me a lot, when he goes home, he still gets to see his daughter, even if it’s just to kiss her good-night or to ask how her day went. He gets to see all her tests that she brings home and also gets notified of any school function he would want to be at. If he wasn’t home, he wouldn’t have that and I know he would miss it.

      Since the two of you met on a deployment, there is a strong bond between you that most people can’t imagine. You found each other in a very stressful situation and you both came through it (thankfully!). It’s been 2 years and you have traveled to see each other, so it wasn’t just a 6 month fling. Both groups of friends know about the two of you, so maybe he will at least have some kind of support system with his friends to help him with all of this. (BTW…are you still married and has your husband found out?)

      Give him a call and let him know that you are there for him if he needs you, but also ask him to keep you updated on what is happening in his marriage. If he and his wife decide to make a go of it, that will be their decision, but you should know where you stand in all this. Love doesn’t “shut off” like a faucet…it slowly lessens until one day, you realize that the feeling isn’t there…so I doubt in the blink of an eye he lost all feeling for you. I don’t know how all of this will work out, but, unfortunately, you can’t have any say in what he does about his marriage. You can only let him know that he’s loved and that you will understand his decision, whatever that may be.

      Best of luck to you both. I always felt that if it was meant to be, it WILL be.

      • Other Woman,
        To answer your question: yes, me and my husband are still together but our relationship is not what people think. We stay together more so that we both can be in our 4yr olds life full time. He found out about me and MM soon after we got back from deployment (so about 6 months into the 2 years) although he never fully knew the extent of how deep we were. He requested that I break it off but my love had grown for MM that I couldn’t let him go. At least not on someone else’s terms. So I stayed involved with MM. Which is one of the things that gets to me because if love is what didn’t allow me to cut him off why is it so easy for my MM to cut me off? Especially if he went as far as to tell her that he loved me. We talked about our relationships to each other (good AND bad) because we realized that those relationships were what allowed us to love each other so strongly. He held no punches from each other none! When we had our “parting” conversation I let him know how much he’s loved and how he’ll always be able to reach me. It hurts the most not knowing if I’ll ever get to hear from him again. His best friend (which is who told me my MMs W had found out as soon as it happened) told me he would let me know how he’s doing and if I ever wanna know just ask. Which I am thankful for that! It’s just a hard toss up when it feels like the person you love the most doesn’t love you back. I feel like I lost my best friend.

  3. Oh and just one more add (lol). In all honesty I just want him to be truly happy. No feeling unwanted, unloved, unneeded. Which from his point of view is how he felt. He said on NUMEROUS occasions that he didn’t feel married but like he had a chick roommate. If him getting his family back would make him happy I’m right there happy for him. And it would be real not forced or fake happiness. I just want to be apart of his life. I don’t want to replace her, make him love me more then her, none of those things. I just don’t want to lose someone who means so much to me. Is that really wrong for me to want them to be together if that would make him happy as long as I know we could stay in each others lives? I feel like an idiot when I read this out loud! Like how could I be okay with settling for that…

    • Well, AF…

      They say that if you love someone, you put their feelings before your own, so it’s not unusual that you want him to be happy, no matter what that means.

      I you said in your other comment, I, too, would feel that I lost my best friend if my MM and I ended it. I can talk to him about anything and he accepts me for who I am. In fact, the other day, my Marvin the Martian boxers finally got to be more holes than material and I knew it was time to let them go. I figured that my guy would be thrilled to see them in the trash! He saw how torn I was about throwing them out (they were with me for 11 years!!!), so he took them from me and said he would do the deed. Before throwing them out (I declined his suggestion of a “funeral”), he cut Marvin off and presented him to me. Who does that?!?!?! LOL!!!!

      At least you have a way to keep in touch with your guy (through his friend), which should help you a bit. I think he really just needs some time. I’m sure he didn’t enter into the marriage lightly and he does need time to adjust.

      I hope it all works out.

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