The Other Woman will be on the Radio

Hi, EveryJennifer Keitt Showone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have just been confirmed to be a phone-in guest on The Jennifer Keitt Show.   The show is on Kiss 104 in Atlanta, GA and the title of the show will be “The Other Mrs” (though it’s possible that this could be changed).   This is a live, call-in show that will air on July 14th from 6 to 8 PM EDT.    It can be heard as it airs, on-line.  Please go to and follow the link to the show at the bottom of the page to get more details as they are posted.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so it should be a very interesting experience!  I hope some of you tune in!


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14 thoughts on “The Other Woman will be on the Radio

  1. That is an exciting experience. Good for you :-) I may check in from time to time but I think I have learned what I needed to learn here. I am going to leave the rest to the laws of the universe. Thanks for listening and sharing.

  2. Congrats! This is very exciting indeed! I will be out of the country on that date. Is there a chance we can listen to it online? If not, are you allowed to record it and put it on You Tube so your fans can listen to it? :)

    • Hi, Gio!

      If you want to listen, go to There’s a link to the radio show at the site. You can hear it live that night. I think she also has shows archived for later listening.

      I’m way excited! I’ve never done this before!! I just hope I don’t sound like a blabbering idiot!!!!! LOL!

      • I sent the Kiss 104 station an email asking that they also have a counter balance to your ideology on promoting adultery. There is no skill in sleeping with another woman’s husband. The true skill is in healing a marriage after an adultery occurs.

        You are acting like you are going on a show and will be whole heartedly embraced. You are going to have to answer tough questions about your morality, your promotion of second class citizenship for women and how you have wasted years of your life. It will not fly for you to say, “you cannot judge me” like you do on this website. Jennifer is a married woman. I doubt she will champion the cause of the other women. Perhaps you want to make the rounds of the Jerry Springer type talk shows. Will your married man listen in proudly? Or, will he and his extended family truly be embarassed by your indiscretion? Is he really on board with you doing this? Maybe you think this will push him to being with you on the long haul. I bet, he will pull away. It is one thing to have a few relatives know. It is quite another to be the public poster girl and boy for adultery.

        You don’t have to worry about me calling in to the live show because I will be busy with my family that night. But, I will listen in to the archived show at some later time.

        I guess you can create a cottage industry out of anything. I just would not want to create a life for myself based on something so negative.

        • LOL!!! Seriously, Mrs Wife?????? Do you not think that I know this is a CALL-IN show? By “call-in”, it means that ANYONE can call to give their opinions and ask questions. I know exactly what I will be getting into. I doubt very much that Kiss 104 and/or Jennifer Keitt need e-mail from you or anyone else to figure out that ALL views on the subject are needed for a subject of this type. This will in no way be a one-sided show.

          I am not there to “promote adultery”….I am going on the show to tell of MY experience in my relationship. I will not be “encouraging” anyone to actively search for a married man to date. That is something I never did and never will do. I have spoken with Jennifer Keitt and her producer, who each asked me questions about my situation. I have also listened to a couple of the shows. The Jennifer Keitt Show is not even close to being the “Jerry Springer type”. Jennifer Keitt happens to be a very classy woman with a classy radio show that covers many subjects, some of which many people are not in agreement with.

          As for my guy knowing about this show…yes, he knows and is behind me 100%. I doubt he will be listening in on Sunday night, but he will listen at a later date.

          By saying that I am making us the “public poster girl and boy for adultery”, I see that you don’t understand the concept of “RADIO”. No one will actually SEE me, and I never use my guy’s name. Radio waves don’t make for very good poster images.

          Sorry you don’t agree with me doing this, but I’m not living my life for you.

  3. Other Woman,

    You are going public with your relationship. Unless you plan to alter your voice, anyone who listens and knows you, will know your voice. You are doing the “other woman double shuffle”. You are open and proud of what you do or you are not. You said many people who know you and your married man are aware of the relationship. Why, then, do you need to hide your MM’s name? Or your name? By going on a radio show to discuss your adulterous relationship, you ARE making yourself the poster girl for adultery.

    I didn’t say I don’t approve. All I do is state my opinion on the facts of YOUR life as you lay them out on YOUR website. My opinion about women who date married men have not changed. A woman who dates a married man is lonely and has a weak moral compass. I feel sorry for that woman because she could have a healthier, more fulfilling life if she crafted that life for herself. Other Woman, my opinion did not change because you are going on a radio show. It won’t change if you go on a television show and it won’t change because you wrote a book on how not to get caught. As I said, a cottage industry can be created on anything. When you have your last days on earth and your children reflect on your life, they can look back and say, “Mom dated a married man for 12 years, went on radio to talk about it, had a website to post all the drama and spicy details of her adulterous life and wrote a book on how not to get caught cheating”. That will be your legacy. That is your life and you are living it. My approval is not part of the equation. And, if you didn’t want my opinion, or the opinion of others, you wouldn’t have a website to POST THE OPINIONS. But, God Bless you anyway.

    • Oh, my, Mrs…there you go again!!! Putting your spin on things!

      Yes, my guy and I are pretty open with our relationship, but I don’t see why giving his name would benefit anyone. It’s unimportant in the grand scheme of things. After all, this is a story about one relationship where a man is married and seeing another woman. His name could be Joe, Pete, Bob or Tom and it wouldn’t make any difference in my experiences.

      Your opinions are yours and you are entitled to them. I do have the “power” to delete any comments that I don’t agree with, however, I don’t do that. I don’t expect your opinion to change for any reason….after all, they are YOUR opinions. You’ve had your say over and over and over and over and over again and, frankly, it’s becoming tedious. Especially since you do tend to twist words and give anything I say your own little spin.

      I write this blog because I know there are others in my situation. That is a fact, like it or not. By telling my story I am letting these women know they are not alone. Are we “proud” of the fact that we are dating married men? I don’t think PROUD is the right word. My guy and I are happy in our relationship. We have found in each other something that hasn’t been found in anyone else we’ve dated (or married). It is what it is.

      In my last days on earth, my kids will probably reflect on everything that I did for them and with them all through their lives. We have had good times and bad like all families. I doubt very much that my relationship with my ex-husband, the relationship I’m in now or any relationship I may have in the future will come into play. In the grand scheme of things, I am their mother and so much more than being the other woman.

      One last thing: I don’t post any “spicy details” on my site. If you consider what I post “spicy”, then you really have a dull life!

      • OW,

        Actually, how a woman conducts her life, particularly her romantic life, does play into the grand scheme of things for her children.

        The mother teaches how to love and the value of love. I will ask you a few tough questions and I am not sure if you will answer.

        1) Do your children know about your relationship with your married man?

        2) If so, Do they approve? Or, are they somewhat embarassed about the whole thing? Do they tell their friends about Mom’s married boyfriend?

        3) You have said that some of your Christian relatives have addressed this with you and your response has been to avoid contact with them. What is the relationship like with your children and these Christian relatives?

        4) What spiritual values do your children embrace?

        3) If they don’t know, why didn’t you tell them?

        4) Do you consider yourself a role model for your children and grandchildren?

        Adultery doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Just wondering how your relationship impacts your larger world. Or if you even acknowledge the impact.

        • Mrs Wife…

          1. My ADULT children know the guy I’m seeing. As for them knowing he’s married, I didn’t introduce him as “Hi, this is my boyfriend Jack and he’s married”. I don’t know anyone who introduces anyone like that even to say “Hi, this is my boyfriend Jack. He’s a nice, single Jewish boy”. Since he goes home every night, I’m sure by now they assume he’s married. My one son’s girlfriend knows, so I’m sure he knows also.

          2. My ADULT children know that they don’t have the power to approve or disapprove what I do in life. They can give their opinions, but on this subject, they have not given any feedback. My dating life is not a subject that my ADULT children discuss with their friends. Why should it be?

          3. My Christian relatives have not discussed my relationship with me. That is not why I chose to end all contact with them. I ended contact because they were judgmental in other ways. I was tired of being told that I’m a “fool” for believing that the earth is billions of years old and for not believing that the devil planted dinosaur bones to make us “doubt” the existence of God. The last contact my kids had with these Christian relatives was at a funeral years ago when my cousin kept calling them different names. Being my kids, they played along and had her actually believing she was correct in calling them “Michael” and “David”.

          4. One son considers himself a Christian, while the other is agnostic.

          Second #3. There was never a time when I sat down and TOLD them that the guy I was seeing is married. Why? Because my guy is “my guy”…his marital status means nothing to my kids or anyone else (except his wife and child). It never came up. As I’ve said, one son’s girlfriend knows. If my son wants to ask me for himself, I will tell him.

          Second #4. My kids saw me raise them alone and know all that I have done, with them and for them. I have taught them not to judge by appearance (as they have also taught me) and to be helpful to anyone in need. So, yes, I would say I am a good role model.

          I don’t know about you, but when I meet someone new, I don’t immediately tell them the story of my life. I don’t discuss politics, religion, or sex at a first meeting. It’s not that I don’t like who I am, it’s just because virtual strangers don’t need to know EVERYTHING. Are we done now?

          • OW,

            Are we done now? Are you shutting down your website? Am I limited to a certain number of questions I can ask? Per your house rules, this is a forum to discuss adultery….right? Because there are other people in your situation who need advice and clarity on how this adultery will impact their lives…..right? All aspects of adultery correct? So. let’s continue….

            I appreciate your candid answers. Here is another perspective on parents being role models for children. Some families encourage their adult children to look for mates that come from strong families with good, longterm marriages. If a Momma is in a longterm adulterous relationship, her children likely will have problems being good marriage partners. Children learn what they see. Especially adult children.

            It is like anything else…..say for example smoking. If parents smoke, there is a greater chances that the kids will smoke.

            Your son’s girlfriend probably does have feelings about you being a OW. I am sure she has discussed it with her mother/grandmother/aunts, etc. Your relationship makes your son a little less desireable in the marriage marketplace. I know, I know,….call me judgemental. This is the world we live in. No worries though. He’ll find someone. There is someone for everyone….7 billion people.

            Just understand your adultery has longterm, lasting effects to EVERYONE in your world and does not occur in a vacuum.

          • Mrs Wife….

            Sorry to disappoint you, but your comments will not make me shut down this site.

            As for my adult children, they live their own lives, as it should be. I don’t get involved with their relationships as they don’t get involved with mine. I don’t judge their choice of girlfriend (or boyfriend, if that is the case) by anything other than if that person makes him happy. There was one time that I had to tell a son what I thought of his girlfriend. She was very good for him because he is introverted and she brought him out of his shell. However, after a year, she decided that she would start a career as a stripper (which in itself wouldn’t be bad) who started using coke, then started “meeting clients” to support this habit. Yes….I advised him to dump her sorry butt, which he did. Oh…for the record (because I know how you LOVE to spin these things)….he didn’t choose her because he had seen ME snorting coke or smoking crack, so don’t even try to bring that up.

            The son with the crack-ho ex is still single, but the other is in a long term relationship with a great girl. Thankfully, her mother isn’t as judgmental as some since they come from a very diverse family.

            So far, I have not limited or censored your comments. I’m just wondering how long you can keep beating that dead horse. We all get it…you don’t approve. You aren’t going to change your mind. Just know that I will not change my mind about knowing that married people WILL cheat for a variety of reasons and I will not tell adults what choices they should or should not be making in their lives. I will give advice when asked. If you notice, not all of my advice suggests that the person stay with the married lover. Or did you miss those?

    • No one would choose this lifestyle willingly. There is no way that I would encourage anyone to go out and find a man who is already married to date. It’s hard. It sucks. It happens. What I knew was that we were two “single” people. We dated for four months before we ever slept together. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and as an adult, I do not need anyone else’s approval to live my life.

  4. OW,

    Sorry about numbering the questions incorrectly. I added a couple of more questions and forget to change the numbers.

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