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Sucky year end

I’ve been on a hiatus from work for about a month. You’d think I would see my man more, right? Wrong. Just as I was getting my break, HE was going back to work after being out for a year (work related accident). For him, going back to work was a highlight. Workmen’s Comp isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and money was tight. Now that he’s back at work, a financial load is lifted.

I have another week to go before I go back to work. Can we spend this week together? Nope. It’s winter break at his daughter’s school! Because he hadn’t worked in a year, a sitter or day care is out of the question, so my guy took a vacation week (which he had to use or lose) to stay home with his daughter. Normally, he would be with me at night. Not this week. Why? The blizzard of 2010 hit! He’s snowed in and can’t get here. I’m snowed in and can’t get anywhere.

Times like this are hard. When he goes to work and it snows, he stops by here after work and we shovel out together. We work as a team. When he’s off from work and it snows, he’s not here. Which means I get to shovel out alone. Our relationship is such that we are there for each other and help each other as much as possible. When he’s not around, I miss that.


Right now, I’m going through a really rough patch at work. Let’s just say that it has nothing to do with job performance, but rather how I was born. ‘Nuff said on that, but this is showing me a big disadvantage to being the other woman. No one to vent to.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in a fight for a job that I love, but no longer want to go to because of the way I’m treated by the three people in charge. They are making my life a living hell. Why fight? Because, like everyone else, I need a job. I need money to live. Tonight, I need a shoulder to cry on and an ear to vent to. Tonight, I’m alone. This is Sunday. Sunday is the day my guy stays home to do work around his house while spending the day with his daughter. Sunday is her day and it doesn’t really matter if I need him or not. I need to find other ways to relieve the stress.

First thing this morning (which was pretty much first thing this afternoon), I had my tea, then went out for a LONG power walk. I seriously considered signing up for the 5K walk/run they had in my town, but last night was a high school get together and got home late (with a Corona buzz) and couldn’t even think of an organized walk at 9 AM (I really did try…set my alarm and everything). I then talked to a couple of friends, did some cleaning and now it’s time to relax.

So now, I’ll probably just read for a bit because I know I’ll never be able to get to sleep. This is the time I need that ear. I’ve gotten used to this. This isn’t how I wanted my life to be, but if I want him in my life, this is how it has to be. Like I’ve said in earlier posts, my guy does a lot for me and with me. I understand that he needs to spend time with his daughter. The problem is that right now, he can’t be with both of us at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong….I like alone time. It’s just that there are times, like tonight, where it would be nice to have him here to try to tell me everything will be OK tomorrow.