The Guide to NOT Getting Caught

Since August 2010, I have been writing about my experiences as the other woman.  In that time, I have heard from many women (and men) involved in affairs with married men/women and also from many wives of cheating husbands.  Most of us didn’t want to be in this type of relationship, but sometimes, things happen.

How NOT to Get Caught! Only $9.97

I also hear from people about  how they and their married lovers got caught by the spouse.

The worst thing that can happen for all concerned is getting caught.  No matter what the circumstances of the affair/relationship are…getting caught hurts EVERYONE, not just the couple in the affair, but also the wife/husband and children of the marriage.  The wife/husband may think that there is nothing wrong in the marriage, yet their spouse cheats.  The married couple may be married in name only and the wife knows in her heart that her husband is cheating, yet she allows it to happen because she doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle.  Getting caught will force the wife to make a decision about her marriage that she may not be ready or willing to make.

While I don’t agree with some “reasons” given for affairs, nor do I encourage anyone to enter into an affair, I acknowledge that they happen more often than some may realize.  While I don’t encourage anyone to enter into an affair with a married man or woman, I realize that sometimes, life throws us a curve ball and we find ourselves in situations that we never thought we would be in.  I know that I never thought I’d fall in love with a married man, but, here I am, 10 + years into this relationship.

I wrote this guide to explain some of the mistakes that others have made in their affairs which led to them getting caught and how to avoid making those same mistakes.   I know that anyone involved in an affair will find these tips helpful.

How NOT to Get Caught! Only $9.97


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