Does His Wife Even Care That He’s Gone?

With all the crazy weather and flooding happening around here, I have had a roomie for the past 4 days: my man! He spent the day with me last Saturday, went in for an emergency 24 hour shift at 6:00 that night, came here after his shift, but when he tried to get home, all routes were flooded, so he came back to my place. I was on the phone with him as he was on his way home and at some point, he said he would call me back, so I know that he called home. I thought he was calling to see if his daughter wanted him to pick up some take out for her. He was off the phone with me for about 5 minutes, then called me back. A half hour later, he was coming up my stairs and this is where he’s been staying until about an hour ago.

It’s been nice having him here, but it’s also nice knowing that I have my house to myself again. I’ve lived alone for a lot of years and have gotten used to doing what I want, when I want to do it. If I wake up at 3 AM and can’t sleep, I’ll grab my remote and watch TV for a while, or I’ll read for a bit. When I’m ready to fall back asleep, I turn off the TV (or just fall asleep with it on), or put down my Nook. With my man here, if I can’t sleep and want to watch TV or read, I have to actually get out of bed and go to the livingroom. The guy needs to wake up early every morning, so I don’t want to keep him awake too. I’m glad to be back to my own crazy schedule.

Last night was my volleyball night. I left my guy here at 6:00 PM and he met up with me and my friends for the ritual post-volleyball feeding at 8:30. My friends accept that I’m seeing a married man. When they heard that he’s been staying with me this week, they all had the same question: Where does his wife think he is? My answer: I have no clue. What he tells his wife is his business, but I really don’t think she cares where he is. In 4 days, she hasn’t called him at all. He’s called his daughter and his daughter has texted him, but not a word from his wife. Obviously, she doesn’t care that he’s not home and doesn’t care where he is.

True…there are times when she wants him home. She calls to find out when he’ll be home if she has plans to go out and needs him there to watch their daughter or if there’s a bug in the house that needs to be executed. She’s also been known to call to tell him that he needs to take out the garbage. Other than these few little “reminders”, she couldn’t give a rat’s butt where he is or what he’s doing. I don’t understand it, but, that’s the way it is. I’m torn on how I feel about her lack of concern. On one hand, I feel that it’s a good thing because if she did care about him, I wouldn’t have this great guy. On the other hand, I feel bad that this great guy has to live with someone who doesn’t care about him and only wants him for household chores. (Before there’s even more controversy to this whole situation, let me make something clear….neither one of us considers his watching his daughter as a “chore”. We both feel that his time alone with this daughter is important and he looks forward to those times.)

Now that he’s home, he’ll have a chance to clean up after the storms and spend time with his daughter before school starts up again. I’ll use the time alone to do girlie things with my friends, read, walk, and watch cheesy movies (I think tonight’s feature will be “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”). This may sound boring to most people, but sometimes, boring is good.

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4 thoughts on “Does His Wife Even Care That He’s Gone?

  1. Does his wife even care? If whether his wife cares matters to you, you should let his wife know that you two are sleeping together and ask her if she cares.
    A lot of cheating husbands are secretly calling their wife out of earshot from their affair partner- in restrooms at bars and restaurants are popular places for them to “check in”, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to steal a call home when he is at your house either.

    • I’m sure there are a lot of cheating men out there just in it for “fun” and check in with their wives. That’s not the case here. His wife really doesn’t care where he goes as long as she has her house and he does what he has to do by way of maintenance and such. But….think what you will.

      As for letting his wife know that we’re sleeping together…..that’s not my style. Even though she must know he’s with someone else, it’s different to have it in your face. I like the “don’t ask, don’t tell” method. There’s no sense in doing the “Ha, ha! He’s with me now” thing. It serves no purpose. Does it matter to me whether she cares or not? Yes, it does. If I had the slightest sign that she cared, I would not be in this relationship. In fact, in the beginning, before I became emotionally involved, I actually gave him some suggestions on how he may try to save his marriage. He tried….she rejected him. Yeah, it hurt knowing that he did try, even though it was my suggestion, but at least I know he made the effort. Her loss.

  2. Maybe his wife did not call because she is mad that he went off with you when she needed him.

    I don’t think you are very good at seeing her side of the story. Her husband treats her terribly.

    • Black Iris….

      You obviously don’t get it. He didn’t go off “to be with me”. He went to WORK and because roads were flooded, he could not get home.

      He treats his wife very well. She wants for nothing. She treated HIM badly when she decided that she no longer wanted him (WAY before I came into the picture). Again, it’s not always black and white. There was bad on both sides.

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