Trying to Catch Up!! Sorry!

To all those who have sent me comments, I’m very sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  I’ve been ready everything as they come in, but really haven’t had the time to give proper responses.

I have the time now and will be starting to reply.  Thanks for your patience!


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7 thoughts on “Trying to Catch Up!! Sorry!

  1. Hi OW
    I dont know if you remember my story About 8 months ago my husband passed i was getting involved with his friend i am confused right now i guess things were going fast and he slowed it down No texting at night no sexting it was Like the kid came out on us but now he wants us to make sure that we are friends for life and he does want to have sex He said he wants to make sure that we are good mentally and all ducks are in line before we go there we were almost there 2 months ago Do you have any idea why hes doing this Also he wants me to get to know his family i knew his other wife but not this one Confused so bad can you help me out thanks

    • Hi, Peachy!

      Of course I remember your story!

      It sounds like your guy is afraid of his feelings. He has a wife to think about, so it’s not easy for him. He got caught up in a moment with you and went farther than he thought he would, but now, he realizes that it’s not fair to either of you. Think of this as a good thing that he doesn’t want to rush into a sexual relationship with you. He values your friendship and doesn’t want to screw that up.

      The good thing here is that he doesn’t want to break all contact with you…he just wants to take a step back, which could be very normal. After all, not only is he married, but he was friends with your husband. That’s got to be tough to handle! Take it slow and don’t stress over this. He’s just being cautious. Be his friend and see where things go from there.

      • Thank you
        i had a long talk with him the other day There was so much running in my head i was wondering what went threw his head did he think i wouldn’t be his friend ? I know him 19 years. We are so atracked to each other he wants me to be in his life and for his wife to know that we are friends he made me feel great and told me that if something happened to him that he wants his wife to call me first hes got a plan i am taking the ride with him i told him i ill not rush him at all they are coming to my house for dinner this month this is gonna be a trip but he means so much to me i know were he is coming from and i will go along divorce is not in the cards at all my family dont know anything about us talking all day long we are learning so much about each other its crazy he said to me things he dont tell her abut himself and his finances we help each other in so many ways he talks to me more then her his family is gonna be my family sounds strange but makes a lot of sense we are both Happy about this :]

        • Hi, Peachy!

          I’m glad you and your man talked things out. He did have valid concerns thinking that if your relationship with him ended, you would not want to be his friend any longer. It happens all the time. At least you had the chance to discuss it all.

          Good luck to you!!!

  2. i posted something on you site and was wondering where it is can you email me where you answered thanks

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